VIP Spotlight: Vivien B

VIP of the Month
Vivien B.
Vivien is a newer face at Luke’s VIP events- but certainly not new to sewing! Her grandma taught her how to sew her first cheerleading uniform, and she was hooked after that. “I sewed just about everything I wore in highschool and college,” she reminisced. “I also made my daughter so many cute little outfits – mostly Halloween costumes – but as she got older, life happened and I didn’t sew much.” In November, she came to Luke’s to tune up a portable Janome machine so she could dive into quilting. “Lisa showed me the Elna 860 and I was in love.”
“Through Luke’s, I really fell in love with making quilts – and discovered I love making purses!”  Vivian explained that out of the dozens of quilts and purses she’s made, she’s given away nearly all of them to friends, family and charities. “My daughter has so many purses from me- and she even tried to talk me into setting up an Etsy shop, but I just love sewing for my friends and loved ones! And I’m excited to incorporate embroidery into everything- it makes everything that much more personal!” Her most recent purchase, the Elna 4 Needle, is going to let her do just that with ease and convenience. “It just seems so much easier – not having to keep stopping to change threads all the time.” The multineedle machines are fantastic for multitasking. Vivien will be able to focus on sewing and sergering while her 4 needle adds monograms and personalized embroidery designs to her projects. She won’t have to stop every time there’s a color change, and with the free-arm and hat hoop, combined with Elna’s proven durability – she’ll be able to embroider on a huge variety of materials

Since buying her first machine through Luke’s, Vivien has become a regular face at Luke’s VIP Club meetings and classes. When she bought her first machine at Luke’s, she gained access to all of our events, classes and support – and made real connections with many of our other VIP’s who have done the same. “What I love about Luke’s is how everyone is always willing to help, I can call up and my question will always be answered,” she elaborated, citing that she loves going to Club meetings. “I just love the energy at Club meetings – Margaret is so great to us and makes sure we laugh and have a great time.” Not only that, but she’s made new friends since becoming a Luke’s VIP. “The same people that come to club come to the Open Houses and other events – I’m new to the area, so I feel like I’ve really joined the community through Luke’s. I’ve made new friends and really fallen in love with sewing and quilting and I’m excited about getting into embroidery.”