Kentucky June VIP Club

June, 19th 2018
Erlanger Clubhouse

This was such a great group of VIP members. We were thrilled to see some new faces and welcome them to the club.
Margaret and Nick both shared special memories with us from Mike’s wedding and reminisced about their own vows. It was a wonderful way to get us all excited before unveiling the Trunk Show.
Lunch Box Quilts has some great designs for quilting and embroidery. There were designs for every occasion that made us love them as much as our VIP Gals did.
Congratulations to Ruth who won the Grand Prize!

Tri-County June VIP Club

June 19th, 2018
11711 Princeton Pk. Springdale, OH 45246

Club was so much fun! We started with a nice dinner before wowing the ladies with our trunk items.  We had an awesome Lunch Box Quilts Trunk Show! So many fun designs that we can use our embroidery machines to quilt and embroider. We gave out door prizes and show and tell was a lot of fun.  We had so many ladies bring in amazing projects they have completed. We look forward to seeing you all in July for Christmas in July!