KY November VIP Club

November 12th, 2019

Our VIP Club for November was all about Quilts! Our guest speaker, Joanne, showed us the ease of 3 yard quilts. She discussed how these were designed to be a weekend project and she even timed each step to illustrate how it can be completed quickly.

With the guides provided in the 3 yard quilt books, the work is all done for you on how to extend the patterns to fit larger quilt sizes. The original idea behind this approach to quilting was designed by Donna Robertson and her daughter Fran. They created a fun and hassle free way to quilt for everyone, beginners and advanced sewers alike.

We ended our Club evening with a bit of show and tell from our VIP members and even one of Luke’s employees! We love hearing the stories behind your projects and sharing in your joy of sewing!