Anita Goodesign Party 2017!

Monday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 25 Luke’s hosted our first BIG party of the year! Over 100 sewing and embroidery enthusiasts joined us at the Holiday Inn in Erlanger, KY for two exciting days of hand-on learning, shopping deals, door prizes, great food and so much more! Steve G from Anita Goodesign was our excited and gracious host who shared all the “secret” tips and tricks he knows -and even divulged some up-coming collections that haven’t been released to the public yet!

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It Might’ve Been a Party…

But we still learned a lot!

Even though we took plenty of breaks for door prizes and shopping – this event was FULL of hands on sewing using the Elna multi-needle embroidering machine. We created free standing lace charms, free motion blocks, confetti applique – and even a zipper bag in the hoop! Steve also gave us lots of tips on other techniques – such as assembling quilt blocks and tile scenes (“Just follow the guide lines – and remember to baste first!”) and Anita Goodesign’s Fold ‘N Stitch quilting technique.


The best part is Steve let party goers decide on the projects we created and the techniques he showed us. “Clickers” were distributed when everyone arrived, and allowed the crowd to vote on projects, technique “tips”, and even rank new and upcoming designs!
“Voting is a great way to keep everyone engaged,” noted Susan, a guest educator from Janome – “that way everyone gets excited and no one is bored!”

“It’s a great way to please everything – we all have so many ideas! And he’s more than happy to answer all of our questions,” exclaimed Beverly.

Indeed, the crowd was always excited to get sewing and learn something new!

“I’m loving all the special techniques,” Remarked Nancy, before an excited Janice chimed in: – “They’re simple enough that I’ll be able to apply them to other projects when I get home!”

“It’s great that he not only explains it, but we also get to do it. I learn so much more from hands on demonstrations and doing it myself” Added Nancy.

“Anita Goodesign is all about simplicity!” Emphasized Steve many times throughout his talks.

Anita Goodesign’s projects are known not only for their variety and artistry – but how easy they are. Whether you’re assembling a large quilt, combining techniques to create art, or customizing a blouse or jeans with embroidery or patches – the instructions are full of clear photographs and each step is always labeled so you never feel lost or confused.

“It’s never ending- how great Anita Goodesign is. They’ve always got something new and fun – and so many ideas!” Noticed Debbie as she was shopping – “They’ve got everything from extremely traditional to the latest trends – and so many things you wouldn’t THINK to do in the hoop – like the game set!”

“I loved making the Kitty bag!” exclaimed Susan. “It came together so simply – it was just mesmerizing!” One of the first projects guests voted for on Monday was an in-the-hoop zipper purse with a retro cat motif! Many people are intimidated by zippers, but Anita Goodesign makes it fun and easy!

“We’ve got to make time for shopping!”

There were plenty of breaks throughout the day – it ensured everyone time for shopping! Anita Goodesign has projects and design collections to inspire everything – and they were all discounted- some up to half off! Luke’s staff was always available to help you locate collections and order the ones that were already sold-out.

For those of us just starting our design library, or who simply can’t resist adding more projects to our collections – the Anita Goodesign All Access Club was a great option! This monthly subscription delivers you all the newest releases and exclusive instructional and behind-the-scenes content all in a full color, easy to ready magazine and DVD. You also receive $1400 in free gifts when you sign up. Lots of shoppers with full bags took advantage of this deal and will be receiving even more great projects as the year goes on.

“I love the 1-2-3 project sets,” mentioned Linda, “they’re straight forward, but endlessly customizable.” These collections break complicated projects – such as full quilts or purses – into 3 simple steps. You select your background motif, the central embroidery design, and the final shape from the countless options given. Then you simply stitch out each step and finish up your unique, customized project!

“Anita Goodesign has by far the best and easiest instructions for any digitized embroidery project,” espoused Kathy. “They just make it so SIMPLE and clear.” All Anita Goodesign collections comes with clear, carefully written and tested instructions. They let you know where and when to place your fabric for applique, when you need to trim fold, or sit back and let the machine do the work!

The Elna 4 and 7 needle machines provided by Luke’s ensured everyone had lots of time to shop and make new friends. This machine is a strong tool in any embroider’s arsenal. As the operator, you simply program in the stops and assign color changes to needles. You’ll save so much time when you don’t have to re-thread your machine every color! Lisa and Veronica coordinated fun selections of colors for everyone to use – giving the party lots of variety and unique combinations.

“The machine is so convenient! It’s cool that it just changes colors for you – that makes it so easy!” exclaimed Cathy.

Everyone has the same hobby…And that means new friends!

“It’s really a party – I want everyone to have fun and get to experience something new!” announced Steve at the start of Monday.

“I’ve done a lot of shopping and learned so much,” mused Leta, “But the best thing I’ve walked away with is new friends – GREAT friends.” Her tablemate. Susan, finished the thought: “It was destiny.” This group of ladies, seated at a table near the back that they dubbed “Hawaii” – had never met each other before, but quickly discovered they had a lot in common and became great friends over the two days.

Enthusiastic attendees were grouped 4 or 5 to a machine – which simply meant they had that much more fun! Seasoned embroiderers shared their wealth of knowledge and experience with guests who have only just recently been bitten by the embroidery bug. Working together gave everyone a chance to learn and experience new techniques.

“Luke’s customers are just the best,” gushed Debbie. “They’re just a great group of people and know how to have fun.”

“I love sewing with other people,” professed Alice. “It’s usually such a solitary hobby – but getting together in a big group like this lets me meet other people and learn new things.”

You never go hungry at a Luke’s event! Doors open early both days- not only to give everyone a chance to get a jump-start on shopping, but also to sit with friends and enjoy coffee and pastries. And we sure needed the energy! Steve and Margaret kept everyone excited and sewing all day.

We also took a break in the afternoon. Margaret would announce lunch was being served, and the crowd would disperse into the atrium – after finishing up their final stitches or stuffing one or two more goodies in their shopping bags, of course. Monday we had chicken with roasted veggies, a side salad, and cheesecake. Tuesday we had a heaping cobb salad with avocado and chicken, and everyone’s favorite chocolate cake for dessert.

“The food is always so good!” exclaimed Susan, “And it’s nice to sit and take a purposeful break from the party.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen!…It’s time for a Give Away!”

Margaret and Genevieve make Luke’s famous for numerous door prizes and give-aways. Our Anita Goodesign Party was no exception! To Nick’s chagrin both days were full of our favorite duo pulling names from a basket and handing out freebies.

We knew things were about to get crazy and fun when Margaret came up to the front. She sure knows how to get a crowd excited!

“The prizes are my favorite part! Everyone gets so excited and happy!”

Steve, not to be out-done, also surprised many guests with door prizes and gifts.

Everyone was so excited about all the deals and sneak peaks – we couldn’t help but dance!