Class Recap: Block of the Month (Tri County)

Block of the Month: Tri County

It was the last Block of the month at Tri County! We’ve spent a year learning new feet, specialty techniques, and making new friends. Our educator, Debbie C brought in her finished quilt top and it was FANTASTIC. We can’t wait to see how everyone’s quilts turn out – they’ve been coming together wonderfully. We’re having one more meeting for everyone to finish up and piece together their quilt next month.

Event Recap: Customer Apriciation Day (Tri County)

Customer Appreciation: Tri County

We had such a wonderful customer appreciation day on Friday at Luke’s Tri County! 27 VIP customers stopped by for lunch and a free gift. Laquitta showed us everything we could do with the Aqua Magic Stabilizer. She had so much fun showing us how to make free standing lace, 3D flowers, in the hoop quilting and much more! Her enthusiasm sure was contagious.