Quilt As You Go on the Serger (Elsmere)

Elsmere – Quilt-As-You-Go on the Serger!
On Saturday, September 30, Veronica showed us how to masterfully craft this great quilt on the serger. We learned the “quilt as you go technique” meaning the piecing and quilting was done at once!

The serger is a great tool for every quilter and seamstress. It cuts your fabric, finishes the edges of your seam allowance, and allows for stretch/movement within the seam! It’s perfect for knits, spandex, and fray happy minky or flannel fabrics. You often see store-made clothes constructed on the serger. So many people are intimated by this machine – but Veronica makes it easy and fun to learn!
We took a break from our busy sewing mid-day for pizza and salad. Everyone in the class finished up and left with a completed blanket! How fantastic is that?