VIP Club Special Guest: Kaye Moore

Tri County’s VIP Club

Click here for more pictures of Kaye’s great work!
We had a great club with guest speaker Kay Moore on Wednesday! The night started with pizza, salad, munchies and desert. We kicked off the show with the slideshow video created by Genevieve showing off all the smiling faces and great projects at the Anita Goodesign Party. What a great event!

Then Genevieve showed off the latest and greatest designs and samples from Anita Goodesign.
We then enjoyed an hour with Kay talking about her wool and different designs and patterns she uses and sells. Her wool is all dyed by hand, and many of her patterns she designed herself. During her talk, she shared her beautiful work with everyone, all made by hand, not machine! Her work was gorgeous and everyone enjoyed her and her husband Bob!
We had a few door prizes, Eileen was the winner of 505 Spray and thread, and Mary was winner of some havel snips and thread! Congrats Ladies!
The big winner of the night was Diana M. who won the $500 Anita Goodesign collection of designs and projects! Congrats Diana!
Show and Tell was amazing, so many ladies brought awesome things to show the group!  We LOVE seeing what our customers and VIP’s are creating! Always feel free to bring your work in and share it with us.