Diamond Royale

Designed exclusively for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine, this amazing dress displays the exquisite craftsmanship from our Sewing Studio and the innovations of our Research & Development team. Leveraging the exclusive deLuxe™ Stitch System allowed us to easily embellish with a plethora of specialty threads. We also unveil our latest invention – the patent-pending stitch technique, Dimensional Stitches, that empower you to create first-of-its-kind appliqué stitches resulting in new, exquisite embellishments to cherish.


  • Use the industry-first, patent-pending Dimensional Stitches to add appliqué fabric or pop-up effects for exceptional decorative results.
  • Enjoy perfect, even feed when quilting, sewing on stretch fabrics, napped fabrics, or leather with the included Interchangeable Dual Feed.
  • Experience more beautiful embroidery than ever with less adjustments, even with challenging metallic threads, thanks to the industry-first deLuxe™ Stitch System.
  • Thread Portioning feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch no matter what thread type or fabric thickness when sewing or embroidering.
  • You can select Thread Tension for specific techniques and/or accessories.
  • Navigate intuitively on the exceptional Ultimate Interactive Screen, now with wider viewing angles and more radiant colors.
  • Large (174×104 mm, 8”) full-color touch screen with wider 180° view and higher resolution (800 x 480)
  • Re-designed graphic interface delivers optimum intuitive experience. Designed by sewers for sewers.
  • Choose from a variety of built-in shapes to create appliqué embroideries instantly with the new Design Appliqué feature.
  • Match embroideries easier than ever with the Design Positioning feature.
  • Your DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ reduces your embroidery time by 20% or more*.


  • DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop 120×120
  • DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop 260×200
  • DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360×200)
  • Several optional hoops available for special techniques like endless embroideries, quilting, textured embroideries and much more
  •  HUSQVARNA VIKING® is constantly developing new hoops and accessories for various techniques.


  • Over 1100 stitches, for utility, quilt and decoration, from 7mm to 50mm wide.
  • 6 sewing alphabets, with both upper and lower case letters, for easy programming.
  • 380 embroidery designs.
  • 4 embroidery alphabets, in three different sizes with both upper and lower case letters.
  • Long free arm for ease of sewing, nearly 10” (250 mm) work area.
  • UNDO/REDO IN EMBROIDERY EDIT Time saving feature to assist you when creating or editing a design combination.
  • RESIZE  Enlarge or reduce an embroidery design to the exact size you need. Recalculates the number of stitches so the resized embroidery has best density. Choose Retain Fill Type and keep the original fills as the design is resized.
  • EXTENDED DESIGN SHAPING Create new embroideries using any stitch and/or embroidery designs.
  • TAPERING IN THE HOOP Create tapered stitch combinations in the hoop to create borders and more.
  • EMBROIDER BUTTONHOLES AND DECORATIVE STITCHES IN THE HOOP Choose and combine any of the built-in buttonholes and decorative stitches in the hoop to embroider perfectly placed buttonholes and stitches on your project.
  • CHANGE STITCH OUT ORDER Select several embroidery designs to move or adjust and embroider in one hooping, they don’t even have to be in order. After you’re done with your editing – you just select which order you want to stitch them out.
  • DESIGN SELECT PLUS GROUP AND UNGROUP  Quickly select one or many embroideries for editing and personalization. Create a group of selected designs on screen for editing.
  • COLOR BLOCK SORT AND COLOR BLOCK MERGE Intelligently sorts equal colors in a sequence for easy handling. Eliminate color stops in any designs.

More Features

  • The unique EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology senses your fabric thickness for perfect, even feeding.
  • The exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® and EMBROIDERY ADVISOR™ features deliver built-in guidance when you need it most.
  • Your DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ machine reduces your embroidery time by 20 % or more* – the perfect time-saver for every embroidery.
  • A Smart Save feature saves your embroidery projects, even if you unexpectedly lose power.
  • Automatic jump-stitch trimmer
  • Adjustable Lighting System
  • USB connection