iQuilt Frame (10’)

The enhanced iQuilt Frame is the next step forward in machine quilting. This frame combines all of the great concepts from the previous Imperial model with exciting new features that greatly enhance the Quilter’s experience, including stability in the frame as well as performance in the sewing machine.

Key Features

  • Performance Enhancements
    One of the performance enhancements is the steel rails that now not only add additional strength, but allow the frame to extend from 10 feet, with an optional 2 foot extension, out to 12 feet. With that, a steel coupler has been included. The steel coupler adds the additional rigidity, not only adding performance to the rails, but simplifying the assembly.
  • Precision Movement
    We have new track supports on the frame, taking and adding the new SureTrack design both to the front tracking and the rear tracking helps to stabilize the motion of the carriage. We have also been able to incorporate that same SureTrack design to both sides of the upper carriage as well. This provides exact precision in the movement and the stitch quality of the machine and system.
  • Improved Look and Value
    There have also been some additional simplifications with assembling the table and the frame as a whole. Additionally, with some new clean pieces such as the white table, the look and value of the product have greatly improved.
  • Compatibility
    The iQuilt Frame is perfect for any sewing machine with up to an 18 inch throat space. Additionally, the iQuilt Frame is QuiltSewClever compatible.

Additional Features

  • SureTrack Dual Wheel Carriage
  • SureTrack Frame Extrusions
  • 1 1/2 inch Steel Rails
  • Steel Rail Couplers
  • New White Plastic Tables
  • Height Adjustable Tables
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Can be set up in four different configurations to fit your sewing space and needs.
  • SureTrack Dual Wheel Carriage Design
    The dual SureTrack design improves stitch accuracy and eliminates flex while maintaining a smooth Carriage Motion
  • New Professional 1 1/2 inch Steel Rails
    The new 1 1/2 inch diameter steel rail increases the overall rail strength. A two foot extension can be added to the frame extending it out to 12 feet. The rails include the Fabri-Fast system for quick and easy fabric installation.
  • Steel Rail Couplers
    The all new steel couplers bring enhanced rigidity and simplified assembly to the frame.
  • New Dual SureTrack Frame Extrusions
    The new extrusions allow for perfect carriage alignment, adding stability and improving stitch quality.
  • Optional 2 foot Extension Kit
    Extend the frame from 10 feet to 12 feet with the optional 2 foot extension kit.