Ruby Royale

The HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine is our heir to the throne, a true princess. It makes it easy and rewarding to create anything your heart desires for the most important people and occasions in your life. Discover innovative sewing and embroidery techniques and built-in convenience features that help bring your creativity to the next level. The DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ machine is completely intuitive and provides regal quality in every single detail!

Embroidery Features

• Increased Embroidery Speed
• Basic Design Appliqué feature
• Design Positioning feature
• Large Embroidery Area 360x200mm (14¼”x8″)
• Exclusive EMBROIDERY ADVISOR™ feature
• Embroidery Design Editing
• Resize and scale
• 357 Embroidery Designs and 4 Embroidery Fonts
in three different sizes
• On Screen Customizing
• Smart Save feature
• Baste in hoop
• Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
• Selective Thread Cutter
• Tapering and buttonholes in hoop
• Support for INSPIRA™ Cutwork Needles
• Multi-format designs
• Monochrome or multi-colored embroideries
• Support for INSPIRA™ Cutwork needles


• DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360x200mm (14¼”x8″)
• DESIGNER™ Splendid Square Hoop 120x120mm (4¾”x4¾”)
• 13 Presser Feet

Sewing Features

• Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature
• Extended Sewing Surface 250mm (almost 10″) to the right
of the needle
• Tapering Feature
• Free-motion with any stitch
• Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes
• Sensor One-step Buttonhole Foot
• Start/stop Button – sew without foot control
• Electronic Speed Control – 5 speeds
• Needle Stop Up/down
• Fix and Stop Function
• Instant and Permanent Reverse
• Stitch Re-start
• Mirror Image End-to-End and Side-to-Side
Dimensional Stitches
• 7 mm stitch width
• Side Motion – provides more than 50 mm wide stitches
• Program Stitches, Letters and Numbers
• Personal Memories, save to ”My Stitches” 30 memories
• More than 1000 stitches, including; Utility Stitches,
different Buttonhole Styles, Quilt Stitches, Decorative
Stitches and Sewing Fonts

More Features

  • deLuxe™ Stitch System
  • Large Interactive Screen 5.7″ with clear full-color wide view and high resolution
  • Dual Light Source
  • Separate Bobbin Winding Motor
  • Bobbin Thread Sensor
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Connect via USB