TruE Elite Software

A complete software system designed specifically for Mac® computers, TruEmbroidery™ 3 Software offers everything you need to bring embroidery to life. The native Mac® interface is enhanced by OS X® Yosemite features, such as gestures. The software is available in two great packages: TruEmbroidery™ 3 ELITE or TruEmbroidery™ 3 ELEMENTS.

TruE™ 3 Modify

• advanced object editing makes it easy to select and edit elements
• rotate, mirror and resize your designs automatically; move the center of rotation if desired
• reshape and extend satin or fill areas with easy node point adjustments
• move, add, or delete specific stitches, and insert stops, tie, and trim commands
• convert to different patterns
• fills include contour, radial, spiral, QuiltStipple, crosshatch, and more
• transform your designs with 8 different morphing effects and emboss features
• frame your embroideries with border and appliqués
• Density Advisor allows you to reduce the stitch density of any design
• Stitchout Optimizer improves speed and quality

TruE™ 3 Create

• create designs automatically from a picture with the QuickCreate Assistant– then adjust as desired with specialty effects
• open designs from .edo, or use Insert Embroideries to convert an embroidery stitch file to objects and add it to the current design
• choose from thousands of amazing stitch effects and enjoy complete control over the design
• choose from over 250 fill patterns or create your own
• fill types include contour, radial, spiral, shape fill, motif options and QuiltStipple fill
• use Echo Fill to auto generate a shadow effect with perfect, adjustable lines
• choose from one of 75 shapes to create as fill, line, or fill plus line
• emboss fill areas with personal highlights
• appliqué options for all areas
• choose from universal motifs like beautiful hand stitches
• create beautiful lace designs using the lace tools
• create feathered satin and texture for special effects like fur or flowers

TruE™ 3 Thread Cache

• choose threads from many different manufacturers
• add threads to one or more personal My Thread palettes
• keep track of the stock levels of your favorite threads with spool size
• easily estimate whether you have enough thread for a project
• take the True™ 3 Thread Cache iOS App to the store to track your thread inventory or create shopping lists
• organize your preferred thread ranges together for easy selection

TruE™ 3 Finder Plugin

• search to find files by name, notes, settings, colors, andmore
• view embroidery files as thumbnail images in the Mac® Finder with their color worksheets
• open files in your preferred TruE™ 3 application and send to your embroidery machine
• convert embroidery files to other formats
• Get Info displays dimensions, stitch count, and other information
• QuickLook displays your file information with the color worksheet
• convert a batch of embroideries to other formats