Soni Grint at Embroidery Club (Tri County)

Tri County Welcome’s Soni Grint

On Tuesday, Tri County hosted a full house of VIP’s! Soni presented a trunk show of all her fabulous samples, and shared some software and digitizing tips and tricks with everyone. It was a great chance to ask questions, too! Soni is so incredibly knowledgeable – she really knows what the software is capable of and is eager to share it with everyone!

JoAnne and Laquitta also did a trunk show of the newest Anita Goodesign collections.
Everyone was treated to dinner before the trunk show! We served pizza, salad, bread sticks and cookies for dessert. There were THREE door prizes given out too! Linda V and Judy C won some best press and a pin cushion that also holds onto your sewing accessories. Barb K was the big winner! She took home a collection valued $600 – scissors, thread, an Anita Goodesign collection, books and more designs! Congrats!