Tri-County Recent Event Recaps

11711 Princeton Pk. Springdale, OH 45246

We have had two events for Australia (Kentucky Wildlife) with a bunch of ladies who are really excited about helping with a great cause! Brenda, Joanne and Laquitta have done an amazing job helping move things right along. Again, thank you to Grant Career Center for the custom cut plexiglass templates donated to us. They really made a big difference!

On February 11th we had a great class with Kathleen! We had a group of ladies who came, all learned how to take measurements, and create a pattern for themselves and others. Kathleen brings a really nice addition to our team. She makes majority of the clothes she wears, and she loves to help others do the same and embellish existing clothing. More to come!

Block of the Month with Laquitta—We are winding down.  We have one more month and we are finished! We just can’t wait to see everyone’s finished quilt tops. We are having a free sit and sew for anyone in either class that wants to have some assistance finalizing their quilt. Will be the first Saturday in May, May 2nd from 11-3pm. Free to anyone in BOM and lunch will be provided!

We had an Edge to Edge class at the end of January with Laquitta. What an amazing class! We had a full house! Everyone was provided with the panel, batting, book of designs and lunch for only $49.95. Everyone learned the fun technique of quilting in the hoop! Was an amazing class!

We had customer appreciation with Laquitta and Joanne in January. We are taking a break for a few months! We love doing this so stay tuned for it to pick back up in June or July! So much fun teaching different techniques, tips, and enjoying the afternoon with others who enjoy the same hobby!