KY VIP Club Featuring Monique Noonan

September 5th, 2018
3926 Dixie Hwy Erlanger, KY 41018

This month’s VIP club was so much fun!  Monique showed us so many beautiful quilt pieces that it was hard to pick just one favorite.  Her work shows the passion she has for quilting and her words hint at the joy she gets from sewing.  Her daughter, Hillary, helped with each piece.  We learned about using panels for quilts and Monique showed off one made almost entirely of 2.5 inch strips of fabrics!

They brought kits for projects, fabric squares, and rulers for making sewing easier.

Margaret gave away notions and free tickets to one of our up coming events that pleased everyone in attendance and dinner was fabulously delicious.  We can’t wait to see you all at next month’s club.

Special thanks to Katie and Lynn for supplying extra photos.