Luke’s VIP Club Newsletter

June 2018

Summer is here and it’s kicked into high gear. The heat can be overwhelming so make yourself a glass of sweet tea and go to the sewing room for a reprieve during the warmest hours. Now is the perfect time to complete quilt projects for fall and winter.

We have some very exciting events coming up for the month of March so don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Keep reading to try out our project of the month, get tips on using a border guide foot, Embroidery Software, and bobbin holders. We are truly humbled by this month’s VIP feature and we think she will be an inspiration to all.

As always, Experience the Joy of Sewing at Luke’s Sewing Centers.

Accessory “Feeture”…

Topstitch/Ditch Foot

This foot helps with lining up or evenly spacing your border designs. No need to mark every row, just use the red lines on the foot. These lines are calibrated to allow perfect spacing of rows. The horizontal red line matches the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row.

  1. Mark a line for the first row as well as where you would like to start each row. Match these lines to the red lines on the foot and sew the first row.
  2. Skip one row and sew the third row of your design matching up the first row between the two red lines on one side of foot.
  3. Sew the second (middle) row matching up the outside rows inside the two inner red lines on each side of the foot.

Embroidery Corner

Embroidery Software

How do I convert embroidery formats?

If you have an embroidery design that your machine cannot read because the format is incorrect, you can convert it to another embroidery format — one that your machine can use. To do this, you need embroidery software on your computer. The below instructions work with most embroidery software.

  1. Open your embroidery design.
  2. Make any changes needed.
  3. Click the disk icon or from the file menu, choose “save as”
  4. This opens the saving window so you can choose your saving location (which folder or drive to save to)
  5. Change the file name if you wish to.
  6. At the bottom is a drop down list of formats.
  7. Select the format you would like to convert to.

Click save.

Ask Luke’s

What is the “Blue Dot” bobbin Holder for Janome/Elna?

This bobbin holder has a looser tension setting which makes it perfect to use when free motion quilting to avoid having the bobbin thread showing on top of your project. This is an additional accessory that can be purchased for your machine.

If you have a question please submit it to If possible we will use it in one of our upcoming newsletters.

Project of the Month 

Decorative Ribbon Tea Towl

Supplies Required:

  • Sewing Machine w/decorative stitches
  • 1 Tea Towel
  • Red embroidery thread
  • Teal embroidery thread
  • 5/8 yd red decorative ribbon
  • 1 ¼ yd teal decorative ribbon

Sewing Instructions:

Draw a line 4” up from the bottom of tea towel.

Place the red decorative ribbon on this line with ribbon off the edge of towel on both sides. ((We will turn this under later.)

Place 1 piece of teal decorative ribbon beside red decorative ribbon and pin into place.

Thread machine with red thread and bobbin.

Attach “F” satin stitch foot.

Select Quilt stitch        

Sew ribbons together making sure the center of the stitch is between both ribbons and catches each one on the outward stitch.

Place the other teal decorative ribbon on the opposite side of the red decorative ribbons and stitch down using the same stitch.

Thread machine with teal thread and bobbin.

Attach Edge Guide foot.

Adjust the guide on the foot with the adjusting screw so that the needle just stitches on the ribbon.

Select straight stitch and sew the edge of the teal decorative ribbons down.

Turn under the ribbon edges and stitch in place on the sides.

Draw a line 1” above and below the teal ribbon.

Attach “F” satin stitch foot.

Place 8” x 20” strip of Tearaway behind the area of stitching.

Select Decorative stitch        

and sew down both drawn lines.

Select Decorative stitch        

and sew this on both sides of the previous stitch.

Select Utility stitch        

and sew on both sides of the previous stitches.

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This Month’s VIP Feature

Meet Joan L.

Joan has been a customer for over 20 years and began her sewing journey like many of us, within the walls of her school’s Home Economics class. With such traditional beginings, it’s not surprising that Joan continued a humble approach to sewing with her little black cabinet Singer. She made clothes for her mother back in the 1970’s and then found her love of quilting.

We were thrilled to experience the joy Joan had purchasing her new Elna 320 and Janome Horizon machines. Her husband, Ted, was positively beaming with pride seeing his wife in her element. He smiled as Joan told us how she once camped with the Pennsylvania Dutch and learned even more about sewing from the Amish. Joan had never had anyone in her family to teach her sewing techniques. Her ambition fueled the journey to a joy of sewing that is all her own.

We were amazed to find out that Joan has a unique and inspirational talent with Quilting. She dedicates a lot of her time to completing unfinished quilts left by those who have passed for the families left behind. Joan also makes quilts to donate to those in need after disasters like house fires, tornado and hurricane victims. She also makes certain her cats and dogs have little quilts of their own. Joan, we are grateful to know you and we thank you for sharing your joy of sewing with us.


Lunchbox Trunk Show!
Tuesday June 19th
6pm – 8pm
Erlanger Club House
Member Price: FREE

  • Special Trunk Show
  • Embroidery and quilting samples
  • Door prizes
  • 30% off that night
  • Dinner is FREE and starts at 6pm

Software Kamp

Special Guest: Jamie
June 26th & 27th
11am – 4pm
Erlanger Club House

Member Price: $59.95


  • FREE lunch
  • Discounts throughout the Day!
  • Software tips and tricks from a skilled educator.

This Class is now FULL!

Shrinky Bags Class

Educator:  Debbie
June 16th
11am – 4pm

11711 Princeton Pk.
Springdale, OH 45246

Member Price: $59.95


This class will be so fun! You will learn a new technique will making an adorable bag to hold your sewing supplies, make up, anything and everything. This class is great for everyone! Will fill up quickly, so call Gen to save your seat!

Price: $39.95


  • FREE Lunch
  • FREE Fabric Magic
  • Bag Design

CALL Genevieve to reserve your seat!

Tri-County VIP Club

Lunchbox Trunk Show

June 20th
11am – 4pm

11711 Princeton Pk.
Springdale, OH 45246

Member Price: FREE


  • Special Trunk Show
  • FREE Dinner
  • Door Prizes
  • Discount Tables
  • Show and Tell

Tri-County Bloomin’ Tote

Educator:  Joanne
June 23rd
11am – 4pm

11711 Princeton Pk.
Springdale, OH 45246

Member Price: $29.95


Back by popular demand is the Bloomin’ Tote Class!
We are really excited to teach Bloomin’ Tote AGAIN for the 3rd time!

These purses are absolutely stunning and everyone loves them! Joanne will be teaching this time around. This embroidery in the hoop class is great for all levels!


  • FREE Lunch
  • $35 Tote Design

CALL Genevieve to reserve your seat!

June Block of The Month #1

Educator:  Laquitta
June 27th
11am – 4pm

11711 Princeton Pk.
Springdale, OH 45246

Member Price: $24.95


  • Quilt Block Design & Instructions
  • Tips and Tricks from a skilled educator
  • FREE Lunch
Call Genevieve: