VIP Spotlight: Pam Troxel

Pam Troxel

Pam is an avid sewer of all things who has been a loyal Luke’s customer for over 10 years. She learned hand sewing and embroidery as a toddler, working alongside her mother.  “I come from a family of sewers” she explains. She even has hand pieced quilt tops created by her grandmother. As her machine dealer – Luke’s Sewing is delighted to help her carry on the tradition. She also makes a point of attending as many group classes and events as possible. Her favorites include Debbie’s Block of the Month classes and Veronica’s serger classes.
When she’s not attending classes, Pam still sews alongside her mother, but her cat Patches is her main assistant. “She’ll sit with me and watch while I’m sewing, and likes to sit on my fabric or embroidery arm.” Like most seasoned sewers and quilters – Pam has a ‘stash’ she’s built up over years – it takes up two large closets! She dreams of a climate controlled shed-turned-studio in the back yard – where she’ll have as much room as she needs for her machines, fabric, and cat!
As a child, Pam sewed on her mother’s old White – a solid machine, but she wanted something more. When she decided she wanted an embroidery machine, she researched every possible brand and came to Luke’s. Now, Pam is a loyal Husqvarna Viking fan. “I just love how easy they are to use! The price is really great for the level of technology involved,” she gushed. Currently, she enjoys using her Ruby Royale – “There’s so much you can do with it! The hoops are a great size, and there’s so many stitches!” she exclaimed, reminiscing about her first embroidery machine, “When I first got my SE, my father asked me what I was going to do with 25 button holes… but now he loves it when I sew and embroider for him.”
Pam is also really excited about creating her own designs and patterns with the Premiere Ultra software. “There’s so many possibilities,” she remarks, mentioning  the digitizing lessons she’s been taking, “I’m not limited by the designs I can find – I can create my own and not just be limited by what I find. The one-on-one lessons have really helped with that.” As a Luke’s VIP Customer, Pam can take lessons at any of Luke’s 5 locations, receive plenty of personal attention, and get all her questions answered – so she can keep on creating wonderful things for her family. Most of her projects are gifts for her family and friends – her parents are running out of space to put everything she’s created for them!